Our work within the petroleum industry and with residential builders has earned us a reputation in the industry for reliability and excellence. Commercial builders both large and small often request that we provide bids and appreciate that we can provide a wide range of services to meet their needs.

From contemporary apartment buildings to traditional senior living complexes, Kaiser Electrical Contractors ensures both compliance and quality. Our extensive experience in wiring means that we are capable of installing many types of equipment from fire alarms to conference room technology and phone systems.

Commercial electrical services include:

  • A dedicated, trained team for the duration of your job
  • Engineering, planning, and implementation for all electrical wiring
  • Comprehensive new construction code and compliance knowledge
  • Workmanship and material warranties 

We Value Education

Not only are our electricians well-educated and up-to-date on best electrical practices, but we want the knowledge to extend to our clients as well! With today’s buildings, each project comes with new technology. Kaiser Electrical Contractors will never leave you in the dark! With each completed project comes the opportunity for on-site education for your specific equipment. No matter the products you choose for your facility, our team has the electrical knowledge and technical understanding to explain function, use, and maintenance of all installed equipment to your employees.

Contact the team at Kaiser Electrical Contractors today for commercial electrical services you can count on.